Benefits Of Using Castor Oil For Hair Treatment

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "castor oil"The Castor oils may be not very pleasant because of their odorless or tasteless feature but you can’t deny the fact that these oils are one of the most used oils for health benefits. This oil has a lot of vitamin –E in it which makes this oil very unique and useful in your daily life. However, other than the vitamin-E this essential oil also contains a great amount of minerals, proteins and it also posses great anti bacterial as well as anti fungal quality.

One of the main uses of this essential oil is for the hair treatment but this essential oil possesses many more great qualities as well. This essential oil must be recommended to those who are living the metropolitan cities and don’t have enough time to take care of their health. Application of this oil on your body will not only help you to live healthy life but will also help you to treat a lot health issues such as muscles pain, tension, joint pain and many more.

This essential oil is mainly a vegetable oil and its use is not restricted to the home purpose only. Many companies and industries make use of this oil in their products such as paint, dyes, lubricants, axes and more. Since, this essential oil is natural you can use this oil externally as well as internally.

Use of this oil not only gives you effective results but also saves your lot of time and money. As there are many diseases and health problems treated by this oil so you don’t need to go to the doctor as you can treat yourself in your home by using this essential oil. You only need to learn the application of this oil for various health issues.

Benefits of this oil in hair treatment

This essential oil contains lot of natural compounds which help your hair to grow. Hair growth is obtained after using this oil is because this oil contains a large amount of ricinoleic acid, which is also one of the most important amino acids which promote the health growth as well as hair growth. This acid will go down deep in the pores of the skin of head and hair follicles. This will ensure the proper nourishment of hair follicles and when it is nourished it will promote the hair growth.

This essential oil not only helps you to reduce the hair fall but it also proves to be a very effective remedy against the treatment of scalp infections, dandruff and acne because of its antifungal property.

How to apply this oil on hair?

One of the simplest and easiest ways to use this essential oil is by taking little amount of oil in your hand and massaging it on your scalp. When you massage your head from this oil it will also boost the blood circulation and will open the hair follicles which will also help you to regain your hair growth. For better results, you can use warm oil.