Children And Lavender Oil: Can They Use It As Well?

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "lavender oil"According to the several surveys, conducted in the 2015 and 2016, teat tree and lavender essential oils are the most commonly used. They have been popular in the last decade and their popularity is growing as we speak. Obviously, the highest number of users is reserved for adults and seniors, but one small number suggests that parents use lavender essential oil on their children.

The first thing to know is that lavender essential oil is safe to use and it has no side effects, unless you use too much of it or you ingest it. Note: Lavender essential oil can be used as flavor improvement, but only in extremely small amounts. For children, using extremely small amounts (1-2 drops) of the essential oil in question is perfectly safe and recommended.

Safe ways to use lavender essential oil

On this website, you can get the best lavender essential oils you can possibly find. Yes, there are differences between them, so it is highly recommended to choose from the best and the most secure alternatives. Anyway, for children, lavender essential oil can be used:

  • By mixing it with a carrier oil and then applying it to the skin. This method cannot be used in a case of a flavor booster.
  • Adding it to a night bath. Keep in mind that only for night baths lavender oil should be used. It calms and relaxes the entire body, so if you use it during a day, your child will lose energy and become sleepy.
  • For treating wounds and burns. Because children have smaller injuries and burns more often than adults, finding an alternative method to treat them is desirable. Now, you can use lavender essential oil. Make sure you clean the wound with fresh water and run a small amount of lavender essential oil on it. We must add the fact that as a treatment for wounds, lavender oil is more than just perfect, thanks to the fact it kills bacteria and prevents infections.
  • By adding 1 drop of the essential oil to warm water (1 cup). Pour the mixture into the spray bottle and spritz it to the sheets and pillows. This must be done before going to bed, especially if your child is under tension.

Why children need lavender oil

Just because he is a child, it doesn’t mean he is a happy person! Beside the aforementioned reason, where we mentioned that lavender essential oil should be used for treating wounds and burns, there are a few more.

Lavender oil can relax your child and boost his learning capabilities. For children who are under stress, like in a case of moving or depression, lavender essential oil is the best and the most efficient solution. It has no harmful effects and it can be used by children who suffer from health issues. The bottom line is that this is an extremely useful way to make your child happy and healthy at the same time.